History of OTP Bank in Russia

OTP Bank – until February 2008 Investsberbank – is a member of the international OTP Group, one of the leaders in the financial services market in Central and Eastern Europe. OTP Bank is a universal credit institution offering a wide range of banking services and products for corporate and private clients.

As of January 1st, 2014 total equity is rub 26.2 bln, assets is rub 144.9 bln, retail deposit portfolio is rub 47.2 bln, retail loan portfolio is rub 109.7 bln. OTP Bank (Russia) is one of the Top 50 largest Russian banks.

OTP Bank provides its services via a network of its own additional offices and branches, which at the moment consists of 212 end-to-end service points in Russian Federation, as well as a large-scale network of partners numbering 32 thousand consumer loan POS located all over Russia.

1994 г.
Obtaining the banking operations license.
2003 г.
The first consumer loan issuing. OTP Bank was one of the first Russian credit institutions to begin a purposeful development of the retail business.
2004 г.
Active development of the branch network. More than 30 new sales offices were opened during the year.
2005 г.
Liaison of Investsberbank with Russian generalniy bank, specializing in cooperation with large corporate clients. As a result of the merger the bank was included in the list of TOP 40 largest banks with the highest volume of the assets; the number of branches in Moscow and regions reached 20; the client portfolio has been essentially diversified.
2006 г.
Takeover of Omskpromstroibank and Promfinservice Bank, which were transformed into OPSB Branch (Omsk) and Novorossiysk Branch (Novorossiysk) respectively.
The acquisition of the controlling stake of the bank by OTP Group - one of the largest Central and Eastern European banking groups, which has more than 13.5 mln clients in 9 countries. This transaction was approved by the Central Bank of Russia, the Antimonopoly Agency of the Russian Federation, as well as by the Hungarian Financial Supervision Agency.
2007 г.
Bank was included in the TOP 10 list of the most dynamic developing banks according to “RBC.Rating” due to the impressive speed of growth during the period of 2003 -2007.
2008 г.
Realization of the rebranding, as a result of which OTP Bank got the 8th place in the rating of loyalty conducted by National agency of financial research, and 22nd place in the ranking of banks recognition.
2009 г.
OTP Bank took 2nd place in the list of POS crediting banks in Russia, accumulated 15% part of this market.
Deposit portfolio of natural persons has been increased at RUR 10 bln during the year.
OTP Bank became a laureate of prestigious national awards – “Financial Olymp” and “Brend of the year”.
OTP Bank opened branch in Chelyabinsk – the first one in Urals Region and the 8th in Russia.
2010 г.
OTP Bank net profit by Russian accounting standarts exceeded RUR 3 bln.
OTP Bank has issued more than 6 mln of cards.
On the 5th of February 2010 Donskoy National Bank became “Rostovskiy” branch of OTP Bank.
5 февраля 2010 года Донской народный банк стал филиалом «Ростовский» ОТП Банка.
2011 г.
OTP Bank launched new format offices “OTP Light”.
OTP Bank placed RUB2.5bn exchanged Bond Series-02.
OTP Bank placed RUB 4bn exchange Bond Series BO-03.
The credit card portfolio of OTP Bank exceeded 20 billion rubles.
OTP took the 4th place in the credit cards market.
OTP Bank increased its share in the POS credit market to 20.4%.
2012 г.
Mr. Illes Zoltan took the position of OTP Bank’s CEO.
OTP Bank launched a new flagship in the Far East region.
OTP Bank placed RUB 6bn exchange bond issue series BO-02.
OTP Bank has launched a mobile version of Internet banking.
OTP Bank registered 5 new issues of Exchange Bonds in the total notional amount of RUB 20 billion (series BO-04 - BО-08).
OTP Bank entered the Top 10 of Mobile Banking Rank 2013 for iPhone and Android versions. Mr. George Chesakov took the position of OTP Bank’s CEO
OTP Bank has launched а centralized service of clients' appeals.
Mr. Maxim Pustovoy took the position of Deputy Chairman of the Management Board.
Mr. Alexander Vasiliev took the position of Deputy Chairman of the Management Board.
Touch Bank, an international online retail project of OTP Group, was launched in Russia. It offers 24/7 remote banking services and multifunctional premium bank card MasterCard World with chip and PayPass technology.
Mr. Ilya Chizhevsky took the position of OTP Bank’s CEO.
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