Treasury services

The Treasury constantly improves the product line and a range of services provided to clients at financial markets.

One of the Bank’s priorities is to develop special products and services for clients executing international transactions in the countries of OTP Group presence. 

At present OTP Bank clients get the most competitive rates and financial markets quotes, and they can have direct access to the Treasury specialists.

The Bank’s clients and counterparts enjoy the following transactions:

  • Foreign exchange and banknote transactions with five main currencies RUB, EUR, CHF, GBP;
  • Non-cash conversion transactions with a wide range of currencies, including HUF and CNY;
  • Quoting financial instruments of various maturity;
  • Transactions with the following securities:
    - government securities;
    - euro bonds;
    - corporate and municipal bonds;
    - promissory notes;
  • REPO transactions:
    - stocks;
    - promissory notes;
    - government securities;
    - corporate bonds;
  • Structural products for clients:
    - structured deposits;
    - dual-currency deposits;
  • Derivatives:
    - forward contracts for clients;
    - currency and interest swaps. 

At present OTP Bank is licensed at the following stock exchanges:

  • CJSC "Stock Exchange MICEX"
  • RTS Stock Exchange
  • CJSC "Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange"

Please contact the Treasury team for more details

Andrey Drushlyakov
Head of Trading
Tel.: +7 (495) 783-54-00 (*2829)

Alexander Laktionov
Head of Currency and Money Market Transactions
Tel.: +7 (495) 783-54-00 (*2690)

Sergey Fedorov
Head of Securities
Tel.:+7 (495) 783-54-00 (*2854)

Arsen Manukyan
Head of Sales
Tel.: +7 (495) 783-54-06

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