International business in OTP Group countries

OTP Bank is a member of international financial group OTP and one of the key players on the financial service market in the Central and Eastern Europe. OTP Group set presence in nine countries: Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Montenegro, Ukraine and Russia.

Based on OTP Group European service standards, we contribute to development of business of our clients and strengthening international trade and economic links.

We offer support of your export and import operation in countries where OTP Group is presented:

  • to open a current  account in OTP Group countries you need a minimum set of documents;
  • special conditions  for express  international transfers via OTP Express will save your money and time;
  • settlements in Ruble with Hungary and Ukraine, as well as in HUF, EUR and USD with all the other countries where OTP Group is presented;
  • documentary operations have lately become widespread as the best alternative to advance payments. OTP Group banks confirm letters of credit and guarantees, which provides for the most favorable terms and conditions for confirmation of and post-finance;
  • Individual strategies of currency risk hedging for your foreign exchange contracts;
  • Financing subsidiaries in the countries of OTP Group presence by issuing guarantee in favor of a Bank in the Group on account of the parent company’s performing credit line. Any Bank of the Group may also act as a collateral agent in a country of OTP Group presence.

Managers of OTP Group Bank subsidiaries are highly qualified and have deep knowledge of local law and taxation, which is useful for your entering new sales markets.

Please contact our managers for more details

Rethi Sandor
Head of International Clients Department
Tel.: +7 (495) 783-54-00 (*2679)

Alexander Vorobiev
Head of International Clients Desk
Tel.: +7 (495) 783-54-00 (*2853)

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