Internet Banking

What is the Purpose of Internet Banking System?

Internet bank is a special system of remote banking that enables you to manage your accounts via Internet.

Internet banking system makes payments easier with freedom to choose the communication mode with OTP Bank.

OTP Bank Internet Bank system enables you to execute most transactions on your own, as well as to get all the information you need at any place with a computer with Internet access.

We have set up Internet banking with regard to all requirements of Bank of Russia. Thus, our corporate clients are entitled to send the following financial documents to OTP Bank:

  • Ruble documents:
    - payment order;
  • Currency documents:
    - Application for a transfer,
    - Application for currency purchase,
    - Application for currency sale,
    - Passport of Deal under a contract,
    - Passport of Deal under a credit agreement,
    - Currency control certificate,
    - Certificate on supporting documents;
  • Letters in optional form.

Corporate clients may receive the following documents from the Bank:

  • Account statement over a period at your option
  • Turnover balance sheet over a period at your option
  • Payment order issued to the Client
  • Registries of incoming payments from individual clients in favor of a service provider

Internet Bank Advantages over Client Bank

1. Accessibility and user-friendliness

With OTP Bank Internet bank there is no need to install any software on the Client’s computer (as distinct from traditional Client bank systems).

Software module (Java applet) is downloaded to the Client’s computer from the Bank’s server only for the period when the Client works with the system.

The procedure of registration in the system is so simple that the company’s employees can do it on their own. For this they are to:

  • to have an account with the Bank.
  • to have a computer with parameters at least Pentium 166 RAM 32 MB, operating system at least Windows98 (or more modern) and Web-browser with version at least IE 5 or Netscape 4.7 with Java support.
  • to have Internet access through a leased line or a modem with data flow rate at least 14.4 Kbs.
  • to register as a system user from their personal computers.
2. High security

At present OJSC OTP Bank is taking a number of steps to protect clients from unauthorized access to "Internet bank - Client" system. These steps ensure a totally new qualitative level of clients’ protection. 

USB-tokens "iBank 2 Key"

General information on USB-tokens "iBank 2 Key". USB-token "iBank 2 Key" is a hardware USB-device comprising PC/SC-compatible USB-card reader and SIM-card that have all the Russian cryptoalgorithms and protected memory storing up to 64 digital signature secret keys.

USB-token "iBank 2 Key" has the following cryptographic functions:

  • hardware cryptographic random number generator;
  • generating a pair of digital signature keys;
  • generating and check of a digital signature with GOST Р34.10-2001 (elliptic curves);
  • encryption key generating;
  • encryption and decryption in accordance with GOST 28147-89;
  • generating and check of message authentication code (sequence of fixed-length data obtained under a certain rule from open data and a secret key. It is added to data for preventing false data entry) in accordance with GOST 28147-89;
  • computing a hash function in accordance with GOST Р34.11-94. Generating of client’s digital signature in accordance with GOST Р34.10-2001 inside the token SIM-card: the token accepts an electronic document and delivers an electronic signature on this document. The token forms a digital signature for about 0.5 seconds.

USB-tokens "iBank 2 Key" work correctly with operation systems Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 and Java 6 (or more modern). The token generates a digital signature secret key, keeps it in protected memory and prevents everyone from accessing it under any circumstances. For cryptographic security "iBank 2 Key" has support of encryption library CIPF "Cryptomodule-С" of "Terna SB" company. It is certified by the Federal Security Service.

More information is given in User manual. 

3. High speed of data transmission

Since data in the system is transferred via a secure Internet connection, you do not have to call the Bank. This saves much time as compared to traditional Client bank systems where communication is through common telephone lines.

4. Mobility

The system is not attached to either location or a particular computer. You can manage your accounts at any time and from any location globally.

5. Possibility to manage accounts of subsidiaries (branches)

The system enables you to track the Client’s and its subsidiaries’ (branches’) transactions from a remote work place.

6. Online access to credit entries

You can get online access to relevant information on internal and external credit entries on the Client’s account.

Registration as a system user

In order to register as a system user you need to do the following:

1. Enter: in the command line of your browser.

2. Fill in all the fields of the section "Preliminary registration" (a usual electronic questionnaire) with information on your company (account number with OTP bank, name, telephone etc.).

3. Upon completing this procedure the system generates two keys— open (public) key that is transferred to the Bank’s server with information that you entered during preliminary registration. The open key serves for unique identification of your company as a system user. Additionally, after you entered the password twice, Java-applet encrypts the secret (close) key of your digital signature and keeps it in your disk. Upon preliminary registration the Certificate of digital signature open (public) key is printed out.

4. For completing registration you are to apply to the Bank’s subsidiary office (business center or office) where the account is opened, provide the signed Certificate of digital signature open (public) key, sign the Agreement for services in Internet bank. A detailed instruction on registration and operation in the system. The Certificate of digital signature open (public) key is signed by the company director personally (or individual entrepreneur, notary, lawyer) and digital signature owner in the presence of the Bank’s employee. Otherwise, signatures on the Certificate of digital signature open (public) key are notarized (in this case the company director or individual entrepreneur, notary, lawyer is to provide the Certificate of digital signature open (public) key). This Certificate can also be presented by an authorized person under a notarized power of attorney).

5. You can get down to operating in the system without preliminary training. OTP Bank specialists will quickly answer your questions that arise while you are working in the system.

What if you have no access to the Internet?

In case you have no access to the Internet for any reason, but you have a telephone, computer and modem, you can easily use the traditional Client bank service. It is a subsystem "PC-Banking" built in the system iBank2. The system has a standard range of functions – receipt of account statements in rubles and in a foreign currency, entering and posting payments in the system, receipt and handover to the Bank of optional text messages etc. You can download the software distribution disk and a detailed installation instruction at  in tab "iBank2 PC-banking" or you can obtain them at the Bank’s subsidiary office (business center, affiliate).

You can address any questions on connecting to Internet banking, PC banking to the Bank’s subsidiary offices (business centers, affiliates).

 Please contact the Bank’s employees for more details.

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