Telephone Banking

Telephone banking system enables the Client:

  • to have real time access to information on account balances and transactions on current accounts, and special accounts with OTP Bank on the phone
  • to receive account statement by fax


  • The system operates 24 hours a day
  • You need not buy expensive computer devices (to get account status you need a push-button telephone set with tone dialing)
  • Communication is through telephone or fax through standard telephone lines
  • The Bank provides information only after the Client dials his (her) personal password and cord, thus preventing unauthorized persons from getting confidential information on the account
  • No fee for connecting to the system and receipt of the secret code and password
  • You can get information not only from your office, but from any place where you can dial the system telephone of Telephone banking on a phone with tone dialing


In order to start working with Telephone banking system you are to:

  • Sign an additional agreement with OTP Bank for Telephone banking services
  • Register at the Bank’s subsidiary office (business center, branch) where your account is opened as a system user upon receiving a personal code and a secret password for access to accounts
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