Payroll projects

OTP Bank offers the service of processing and paying salaries as well as other payments to clients’ employees to the banks cards (MasterCard)

Our main advantages:

  • Card issuance - free;
  • Internet banking OTP Direct – free;
  • Cash withdrawal
  • - first two cash withdrawals in a month at any banks’ ATMs and cash points are free of charge; or
    - unlimited free cash withdrawals at ATMs of Unified Settlement System participants, VTB24, MDM Bank depending on the tariff chosen. Free sms services;

  • Overdraft to a payroll card (for the tariff "Universal Payroll card").

Advantages for your business:

  • Avoiding cash operations;
  • No worry over exceeding the limit of cash balance while storing cash that the employees did not receive in time;
  • No need to deposit salaries that the employees did not receive on the salary payment day;
  • Cutting expenses (cash order, cash collection);
  • Transfer of all the payments to the employees’ bank cards (bonuses, holiday and sick leave compensations, social payments, business trip allowance and etc).

Advantages for employees:

  • A choice between a Standard or Gold cards;
  • 24-hour access to money;
  • No risk relating to cash storage;
  • Payment of goods and services at many trade and service points all around the globe (at hotels, cafes, restaurants, car rental centers etc.);
  • Payment of mobile services, satellite TV and household services at OTP Bank ATMs without wasting your time in queues and any fees;
  • Transfers from card to card through OTP Bank ATMs (with OTP Bank MasterCard cards only);
  • Payment of goods and services in Internet;
  • Special offers for OTP Bank and MasterCard cardholders;
  • No need to declare money on a card while travelling abroad, the money is safe and accessible at any time;

It takes no more than 7 days since an agreement is signed to start a payroll project (without an ATMs at the company’s premises.

The Bank’s employees will come to your office for consulting and collection of required documents if the staff is numerous.

Please contact the Bank’s employees for more details.

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