Cash Collection

OTP Bank offers you services of cash collection. The professional team and armored vehicles will ensure safety of your valuables.

Our professional team gives a guarantee of safety of your valuables.

We offer:

  • Cash acceptance at the Bank’s cash desk and crediting clients’ accounts on the same day;
  • A convenient collection schedule with the Bank’s own cash collection service;
  • Individual terms for each cash collection agreement to meet clients’ specific needs;
  • Cash withdrawal from the Bank’s cash desk upon request;
  • Cash delivery to the client by the Bank’s cash collection service;
  • Accompany of a client’s employees brining cash or other valuables;
  • Issue of check books;
  • Prompt cash disbursement on the day of check receipt;
  • Receipt of old or damaged banknotes;
  • Expertise of doubtful banknotes and payment documents;
  • Consulting on optimizing client’s cash operations.
Please contact the Bank’s employees for more details.
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