Payments via OTP Express

If you make your business in the Central and Eastern Europe, Russia or Ukraine, then enjoy benefits of using the services of OTP Group on preferable terms.

OTP Bank offers secure transfers with their cost unchanged irrespective of a transferred amount.

OTP Express allows fastening wire transfers between the countries where OTP Group is presents. With OTP Express settlements become much quicker, if your counterpart has an account with one of OTP Group banks.

OTP Express advantages:

  • Debit of express payments to the recipient’s account on the day of payment.
  • The price of an outgoing payment is 10 USD
  • Wire payment in RUB between OJSC “OTP Bank” (Russia) and OTP Bank Plc (Hungary) clients
  • Timely notification of incoming and outgoing payments in a foreign currency and of unidentified amount credited to an account with OJSC “OTP Bank” (Russia) or other OTP Group banks.
Please find a list of OTP Group banks which are connected to the OTP Express system:

Please contact the Bank’s employees for more details.

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