Foreign exchange

Opening & Maintenance of Foreign Currency Accounts

  • Opening foreign currency accounts for residents and non-residents.
  • Credit of foreign currency to current accounts;
  • Providing statements of foreign exchange transactions and other foreign currency transaction data, sending inquiries in client’s favor.
  • Providing consultation on foreign currency transactions.
  • Post and telecommunication services in foreign exchange transactions.

Foreign Currency Exchange

  • Exchange of currency upon Client’s request:
    - at Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX) trading;
    - within the Bank in bilateral deals at the negotiated rate.
  • Currency purchased at the stock exchange and from the Bank in a bilateral deal, as well as Rubles gained from currency sales are credited to the account on the day of deal execution.
  • Import contracts are paid on the day of currency purchase.
  • Providing background information to the clients on completed deals of foreign currency purchase and sales.

Transactions with Foreign Currency in Cash

  • Cash acceptance and disbursement;
  • Delivery of foreign currency in cash and payment documents by the Bank’s cash collection service.
  • Acceptance and exchange of damaged banknotes. Expert expertise of currency symbols.