Trade finance

OTP Bank (Russia) offers wide range of trade finance and documentary services.

Competitive pricing, individual approach and our expertise – are main advantages that help our customers to save time and money. Moreover, our well-built and trust-based relations with first-class western banks provide additional reliability of transactions.

Being a member of international banking group, OTP Bank (Russia) has many trade finance instruments at its disposal and offers following services:

  • documentary credits:
    - issuance and advising;
    - confirmation;
    - postfinancing;
    - letters of credit with deferred payment and discounting
  • issue of irrevocable reimbursement undertakings (IRU)
  • stand-by letters of credit
  • guarantees and counter-guarantees

Another advantage of OTP Bank (Russia) is participation in Trade Facilitation Program of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development as a confirming bank. The Program allows us to confirm/finance letters of credit issued by other members of the Program against guarantee of EBRD without credit limit for issuing banks in place.

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